John Nielsen Award

Laura Bottrell – 2023

Laura Bottrell Nielsen Award

Laura Bottrell – 2023

Nominees: Laura Bottrell, Lindsay Jones, Erin Bree Pierce, Roxana Waldes-Wice


Laura Bottrell is a long-time member of Theatre Ancaster who was selected as the recipient of Theatre Ancaster’s only annual award. The prestigious award celebrates the achievements and accomplishments of a member of Theatre Ancaster who, just like Theatre Ancaster’s first head carpenter, John Nielsen, has gone above and beyond to demonstrate professionalism, knowledge, dedication, and passion in the production work of Theatre Ancaster.

Laura is a passionate teacher and leader at Theatre Ancaster. She leads our staff team in working with our youngest performers at our Jitterbugs program as well as serving on our Mainstage Production Committee, producing our biggest shows every year.

Laura makes every part of Theatre Ancaster better by enthusiastically and gracefully creating wonderful experiences for her students and our casts and crews. Theatre Ancaster is lucky to have Laura, and we invite you to celebrate her with us.