John Nielsen Award

Krys Croxall – 2021

Krys Croxall

Krys Croxall – 2021

Nominees: Laura Bottrell, Bob Carle, Krys Croxall, Erin Bree Pierce

Krys Croxall is a most deserving choice. She has been involved in every aspect of the work of Theatre Ancaster. She has been a producer, director, secretary to the Board of Directors and now treasurer. She has headed up a revision of the constitution for Theatre Ancaster and initiated popular shows such as The Christmas Radio Show with her husband, Al. Krys is also one of the founding directors for the new branch of Theatre Ancaster, The Classics Company, for those over 55.

“Being nominated before was wonderful, but being chosen is really special.”

Krys Croxall was a superintendent with the Hamilton Wentworth Board of Education for many years. “Since I retired, Theatre Ancaster has become my passion project. The company does wonderful work. It is a pleasure to serve and to be part of its growth and development. Theatre Ancaster is a great family. Thank you for giving me a place in it.”