John Nielsen Award

Bob Carle – 2022

Laura Bottrell Nielsen Award

Bob Carle – 2022

Nominees: Laura Bottrell, Bob Carle, Lindsay Jones, Erin Bree Pierce.

Bob has been with Theatre Ancaster since Jesus Christ Superstar in 2014 when he played the role of Annas. From that moment, Bob found a home with Theatre Ancaster and has since worn multiple hats within the company both on and off stage. In his short time with Theatre Ancaster, Bob has been a performer, assistant stage manager, stage manager, spotlight operator, producer, director, and served as secretary on our Board of Directors.

“Since 2014, I’ve considered Theatre Ancaster to be a second home. The people I’ve met have become family and the projects I’ve undertaken have been very rewarding. When I retired from teaching, I was looking for something to focus my time and efforts on. Theatre Ancaster has been that ‘thing’.”

Bob performed in several shows following his stage debut in Superstar – finally deciding to dip his toes into some behind-the-scenes action by assisting as a Stage Manager for the 2017 production of Spelling Bee. That same year, Bob again volunteered to be Stage Manager, this time for the mainstage hit, Annie. He has since directed TA’s first non-musical, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, stage-managed Oliver! and will be directing The Full Monty in 2023.

Work behind the scenes in a big theatre company like Theatre Ancaster does not always come with the same applause received by the cast on stage. However, it is people like Bob who are the most deserving of it, since Theatre Ancaster would not be able to put on the high calibre productions they are known for without the tireless commitment of dedicated volunteers. Bob will go to the end of the earth to make sure that his cast and crews are supported. He’s always the first one there, and the last person to leave at the end of rehearsal. His commitment to his teams and this company, along with his unwavering desire for excellence is what makes him a VIP with Theatre Ancaster.