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Tiffany Wice

Tiffany Wice
Tiffany Wice

Theatre Ancaster has been very fortunate in its history to be well supported by the community. Ticket sales have traditionally been very strong.  A few years ago, we set out to redefine our brand and to create new promotional content to appeal to a broader audience, with the goal to engage our patrons in a new and meaningful way, particularly with the rise of social media and video consumption.

Enter Tiffany Wice, our extremely talented videographer. She has created several promotional videos for us to capture the essence of a show and give our audience members a sneak peek into what they can expect on stage. We did not just find Tiffany in a Google search for “awesome filmmakers from Ancaster” – she has been part of the Theatre Ancaster family since she was on stage as a kid in our Stage 2 Broadway Jr. and Stage 3: Young Company programs!

Tiffany attended Ancaster High School, where her passion for video and film began.  Upon graduation, she went off to Sheridan College to study in their prestigious Film and Television degree program, graduating in 2018. While Tiffany currently lives and works in Toronto, that does not stop her from popping in for a visit to her hometown to visit family (all of them Theatre Ancaster royalty – her mom and dad are still actively involved behind the scenes, and her sister often starred on stage) and it certainly does not stop Tiffany from lending a hand to our marketing efforts even with her busy work and life schedules.

Creating promotional videos is a very time-consuming process.  Most people just see the end product—a three- to four-minute video we post to Facebook—but it takes up to 20 hours to actually create a video. First, Tiffany has to film the rehearsal, then edit it to make sure it tells a story, and add in music to create an emotional connection with the viewer.

It all starts with a conversation with the show’s Director to get a general understanding of what the show is about. From there, Tiffany makes her way to rehearsal, with the aim to film as much as possible. This consists of interviews with cast members, producers and directors, and filming exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the cast practicing choreography, harmonies, costumes, or makeup. Complex software allows her to splice all the footage together to create a compelling product. This whole process can often be tedious work, but every second of it is worth it as the finished product never fails to impress. With every video, Tiffany consistently proves her artistry, creativity, and dedication to Theatre Ancaster.

Her most recent video for last month’s production of Mamma Mia! garnered over 10,000 views on Facebook and we certainly saw a bump in tickets sales after we launched it!  We saw similar results in the previous videos Tiffany has created for us – Chicago, Divas in Concert and Annie. 

Along with her writing partner J.P. Hart, Tiffany won “Best Pilot Script” at the 2021 Burbank International Film Festival for the animated children’s TV show they’re currently developing called “Creature P.I.”.

Tiffany may live in the big city now as a filmmaker, but she will never forget her roots. She will always hold the town of Ancaster and its local theatre company in her heart, as it has been a part of her life for such a long time, and a part of who she is. We thank Tiffany for sharing her craft with us and helping us introduce Theatre Ancaster to new audiences through a new medium.

You can follow Tiffany on instagram @tiffanywice.

Written by Dawson Nyffenegger