Shining Star

Lindsay Jones

Lindsay with Adrian Gorrissen (left) and Daniel Megaffin (right)
from The Producers.

Directing You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Lindsay Jones is a bright light and one of the most involved and talented members of Theatre Ancaster. She has been a part of over 30 productions in just eight years, taking on various positions as a member of the lighting and sound crews, hair and makeup head, cast member, stage manager and director. 

Lindsay has been involved in the performing arts nearly all her life. She grew up taking dance lessons and attended a performing arts high school in Ottawa. When she started University, however, she didn’t have as much time for performing, and a deep longing for the stage began to develop. This is when she knew, she says, that this is what she was made for. 

Lindsay joined Theatre Ancaster in 2011 as a makeup artist for the Main Stage production of Aida. For Lindsay, makeup has been a very natural process. She has been involved with it since taking a course in high school and immediately found a knack and a love for it. She happily shares her knowledge by providing training to both adult and youth cast members. Lindsay says working with our youth has been one of the most rewarding experiences. She loves teaching the kids new skills and inspiring them to experiment and create their own looks for what they’ve learned. 

Lindsay faced a big challenge, she says, when she moved from a minor role in the ensemble to a major role. This was the case for her with Theatre Ancaster’s performance of The Producers in November 2015. Lindsay managed to land the role of Ulla, one of the leads of the musical. “This role was initially terrifying,” Lindsay says. It was her first time playing such a major role in such a large production and the first time where she occasionally found herself completely alone on the stage during performances. Lindsay did not need to worry, she shone on the stage!

Despite the fact that such a role would be unnerving to anyone, Lindsay says that this was one of the most life-changing experiences for her. It was one of the main factors that helped her break out of her shell and become even more involved with the company. 

Lindsay’s confidence grew and she directed her very first production, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, last fall. Lindsay saw this as an opportunity to give back to Theatre Ancaster and take everything she has learned and apply it in one ultimate challenge. While this position would be a daunting one to anybody, Lindsay took on the challenge head-on, and the production was a smashing success. Gary Smith of the Hamilton Spectator said, “Go see You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown. It’s a great season-opener for area community theatre. It has set the bar pretty high for things to come.”

In addition to the wonderful accomplishment on-stage and off, Lindsay is beloved by so many in the company. She lights up any room with her megawatt smile and warmth. Her positivity is infectious, and her upbeat personality elevates everyone to do their best. While Lindsay Jones loves glitter, she certainly doesn’t need any of it to shine! Her contributions were recognized this year with a nomination for Theatre Ancaster’s prestigious John Nielsen Award.

So what’s next for Lindsay? Well, you won’t find her on stage this year because she is going back to school to earn a Master of Arts in Education, Post Secondary Instruction…but we suspect she’ll find other ways to stay involved and give back to the company. For those who might be wondering how they can be part of the company, Lindsay suggests coming to see the shows. “They’re sure to draw inspiration in anybody with a passion for the arts. Even if you’re not the performing type,” Lindsay says, “there are many opportunities to get involved. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends, create lasting memories, and support your local community. You could even meet your future husband and family – like I did!”

Written by Dawson Nyffenegger