Shining Stars

David Reid – May 2024

David Reid

David Reed

It’s not always glitz and glamour at the theatre. There are numbers to be crunched, bills to be paid, staff to be hired, committees to be struck. Sometimes your costume house floods. Or you suddenly need to find a new production facility to build all your sets. Or a global pandemic happens, and you have to figure out how to keep it all afloat. At Theatre Ancaster, a working Board of Directors has been tackling these types of concerns since the company’s inception in 1997. Among the board’s current roster is David Reed. David has been a board member since 2020 and currently serves as Vice President.

“David has been a wonderful addition to our Theatre Ancaster Board,” says President, Krys Croxall. “He brings a strong business background and has been instrumental in helping us with our strategic direction planning. He has helped out in numerous ways and been diligent in visiting our productions and programs to gain a better understanding of Theatre Ancaster operations, personnel and volunteers.”

David began his relationship with Theatre Ancaster as a patron, often attending shows. When a call went out for new board members, he couldn’t resist getting involved. “The amount of work that the volunteers here put in amazes me and inspires me,” says David. “People are pulling together to create something beautiful. That’s the most inspiring thing about being human. We can do stuff as individuals, but we can do so much more when we come together as a team.”

Educated as an engineer, David’s career arch includes management, sales and marketing. “David is such a valuable resource at Theatre Ancaster. I appreciate his measured and thoughtful approach,” says fellow board member, Katie Smith. “David is also just a lovely human. He listens. He cares. He’s happy to help with the vital behind-the-scenes business that keeps the company chugging along.”

 This doesn’t mean David has never enjoyed a moment in the spotlight. “My grandfather designed sets for a community theatre. I was often around while he was building them,” explains David. This led to David being cast in a production of Oklahoma!. “I was a little boy dressed up in cut-off jeans with a fishing rod and I walked across the stage before the performance opened. I was able to stay up late until the very end of the show. Then I walked back across the stage, but with a bucket full of fish. That got a lot of cheers.”

David Read in theatre

David gives his time and expertise generously. In addition to his volunteerism with Theatre Ancaster, he’s Chair of the Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair and both the Community Services and Youth Services Director for the Rotary Club of Ancaster. “I like to get my hands on lots of different things and help out where I can,” says David.

To that point, David has assisted in some unexpected ways at Theatre Ancaster. This includes assembling a bed for a production of RENT and taping down electrical cords and testing circuits for the lighting of Cabaret. “Since joining the board, David has made every effort to get to know our company better, in big ways and small ones,” says Director of Programming, Sam Frisk. “I can always count on David for solid advice, especially in challenging situations.”

A true fan of the stage, David can’t pinpoint his favourite Theatre Ancaster production so far. He does give particular kudos to the company’s youth performers: “they are performing at such a high caliber for their age that it just knocks my socks off. It’s memorable.”

As for his favourite Theatre Ancaster memory, David is hedging his bets. “There have been so many great moments,” he says, “but I think my favourite memory is still to come.”