Shining Star

Angela Broadley – February 2024

Angela Broadley

Angela Broadley

“Ang first joined us when we were still doing community shows even before we were officially Theatre Ancaster,” says Gord Conroy, one of the founders of the company. “We’re so lucky that she’s been with us from the very beginnings of Theatre Ancaster.”

Ang has always been a talented singer and dancer with a distinct and lively presence onstage. She displays a sense of joy and radiance that always captivates our audiences. Even more impressive, she shows off a fantastic range as a performer, able to adapt easily to the challenges of a variety of roles. Her last two major roles on stage with Theatre Ancaster were Velma Kelly in Chicago and Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar. Her costar in both productions, Colin Lapsley, says “After all these years working alongside Angela, I can confidently say that she remains one of the most professional artists I have ever known. An inspirational and confident leader who is also quick to laugh. She would never ask a performer or crew member to do anything that she wouldn’t do herself.” 

Angela Broadley as Mary Magdalene
Angela Broadley as Velma Kelly in Chicago

Ang has also directed some of our recent mainstage productions, specializing in major shows with lots of children in the cast. She helmed projects such as Annie and Oliver, both of which featured amazing work by young actors. As a Director, Ang has a real talent for bringing out the best in the performers she works with, never asking for too much, but working alongside them to bolster their confidence and encouraging them to always do their very best. Her enthusiasm is contagious, really setting a fantastic tone for the people she works with. Notably, Ang also gives 110% to every project she is a part of, going above and beyond to make sure the productions she is involved in truly shine.

Ang has put her incredible enthusiasm and skill for helping young performers to work as the Director of our new Stage 2: GLEE program. Last year saw the launch of this program, and its huge success was due in large part to the infectious energy that Ang shares with her performers. Bob Carle, the Stage Manager for the program, relates, “Angela knows how to make each and every kid feel special and important. They work hard, not only to improve themselves, but to make her proud of them.” Ang’s influence is obvious as several of our students in the GLEE program spoke about how much her leadership has meant.

Taite Bowman: “I have been one of the lucky performers who has had an opportunity to have Angela as my director for the Mainstage production of Oliver and the Stage 2: GLEE concert. Angela’s rehearsals were full of energy, laughter (because of her great sense of humour), and positive learning experiences. She is one of the most kind, caring, and supportive people I have worked with. She creates a safe space for her performers where they are encouraged to be themselves and reach their full potential. Every week I counted down the days to my next rehearsal. Angela makes me want to grow as a performer.  I feel so lucky to have worked with such an incredible role model. In the future, I hope to inspire others the way she has inspired me!

Chase Kovacs: “From the moment I met Angela, I felt welcomed. In the audition room, she makes you feel included and she is always rooting for you. Angela is an amazing director and confidence builder. At the end of every show she gives letters to everyone in the cast thanking them for their time and explains exactly why they are talented.”

Emily Snell Allison: “Angela pours her soul into every theatre project that she is a part of. I don’t know how she does it, but she always has this contagious joyful energy. I remember walking out of my Oliver audition after meeting Angela and thinking that she was the kindest person to have ever been on an audition panel. She was so welcoming and patient, and that carried through the entire length of the production.”

Clara Gillies: “Angela has such a positive and inspiring spirit. She was my director for Oliver and Glee, which were some of the most exciting experiences of my life. She makes no part feel small and gives everyone a chance to shine. Angela is the reason I fell in love with theatre. She has taught me so many new skills. She’s the best!”

Ang has been a special part of Theatre Ancaster, bringing joy to the people around her for several years now, and we are glad that she’ll be around, helping to bring that kind of joy to the next generation of performers for years to come.

Angela Broadley with Oliver cast members