COVID-19 Update

As of July 1, 2022:

  1. Proof of vaccination and rapid testing are not required to participate in programs or attend productions.
  2. Masks are strongly encouraged for patrons attending Theatre Ancaster performances and events.
  3. This policy will be reviewed and updated in accordance with Ontario’s ongoing response to COVID-19.

We are happy to be continuing our programs while following current government COVID-19 safety directives.

As we move through this season, members of our community may have different levels of comfort with the changes occurring in the province and in our facilities. We value each person’s safety, rights, and freedoms – please continue to treat each other with respect.

As the pandemic evolves, and/or legislation or public health guidance changes, the purpose and requirements outlined in this policy may change.  Theatre Ancaster reserves the right to update this policy and will provide reasonable notice to any changes therein.