Board of Directors

Theatre Ancaster has been represented by a working Board of Directors since the inception in 1997. These individuals provide the administrative support and skill set required to make it possible to deliver the quality entertainment that is witnessed by our patrons. Some of our Board members are also directly involved in the creative teams for our productions. Others offer us business, marketing, financial, communications and human resources support essential to running a theatre arts organization.

To contact a board member, please email and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate board member.



Nupi Gokhale, President
Lindsay Jones, Vice President
Jen Cooper, Secretary
Krys Croxall, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair
Gord Conroy, Past President


Angela Broadley, Creative Committee Chair
Steve Becker
Bob Carle
Jan Chithalen
Kim Ellis
Colin Lapsley
David Reed
Brent Wice